Our main functions

  • Organizing provincial council meetings, recording of all the proceedings of the council during the meetings and recording of the hansard reports.
  • Organizing committee meetings, preparing reports and providing them to the relevant sections.
  1. Accounting Committee
  2. Public petitions committee
  3. Working committee
  4. Ministerial advisory committees
  • Organizing accounts committee meetings, keeping records and table the annual final account committee reports to the council.
  • Calling reports for received public petitions, organizing public petition committees, investigating petitions and informing the decisions to the relevant parties.
  • Matters relating to the passing of statues.
  • Appointment of the private staff of the post holders and the members, termination of service and the activities in respect of provident system.
  • Preparation of completed council reports and Hansard reports in a timely manner and disseminate them to Hon. Provincial Council members, Hon. Governor, Council Secretary, Chief Secretary and Deputy Chief Secretaries, heads of provincial ministries, departments, local authorities and to the other provincial councils.
  • Recording and editing provincial council meetings in audio and visual media.
  • Preparation of council reports, debates official reports and disseminate them when necessary.
  • Making all payments including salaries and allowances to the staff of the council secretariat, to the post holders and to the private staff of the post holders.
  • Accounting as per the provincial financial rules and sending them to the relevant institutions before the due dates.
  • Maintaining the discipline and general administration of the office.
  • Maintaining all necessary human resources for the staff of the council secretariat and affairs in respect of recruiting, promoting and retirement of the staff.
  • Obtaining physical resources and developing human resources necessary to the institution.
  • Preparation of annual estimates
  • Preparation of annual appropriation accounts and advance accounts.
  • Documents preservation and maintaining libraries.
  • Answering to the audit queries.